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The Gardener movie poster
"One enjoyable aspect of the movie does come from its score from Dean McGinnes. For a low budgeted affair, the music does set the tone and atmosphere and there are even hints of a horror movie vibe to it. When the action does hit, there are enough guitar riffs and synth like beats to accompany what is on the screen and it heightens the chaos that is going on and will remind you of something out of the VHS era of adrenaline laced entertainment"

John M Jerva, Action-Flix

Apple Music Score artwork
"Dean has created a score which brings life to the post apocalyptic short in a very clever way. He has done an outstanding job and we're very proud of what has been achieved"

Amy & Elliot, Director - Upwall Pictures

Dont Speak movie poster
"The plus points are the briefly-seen creature makeup and a mainly ambient soundtrack score composed by Dean McGinnes"

Adrian J Smith - MOVIES and MANIA

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